CARELIKA Argan-Ghassoul algae peel off shaker mask, 25g

Code CPSMAC025
Due to the rich content of macro and trace elements, Ghasul clay has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and skin tone-increasing effects. Activates metabolism, blood and lymph circulation. Oxygen supply to tissues is improved. The skin conditions improve with problems such as pimples, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Argan oil restores the skin's hydrolipid layer, soothes and softens it. After applying the mask, pores are narrowed, the appearance and complexion is improved.

Action: pore narrowing and soothing.

      How to use
      CARELIKA Argan-Ghassoul algae peel-off shaker mask, 25g
      Ghassoul is a natural vulcanic clay from Morocco. It is rich with minerals - silicon, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium.

      • Silicon – participates in the formation of connective tissue and collagen synthesis.
      • Magnesium is important for skin metabolism .
      • Iron is part of cytochrome enzymes that provides skin tissue respiration.
      • Potassium regulates level of moisture on the skin.
      • Sodium is involved in skin cleansing and it has antiseptic and anti – inflammatory properties.

      After applying the mask, pores are narrowed, the appearance and complextion is improved.

        CARELIKA Argan-Ghassoul algae peel-off shaker mask, 25g
        A beauty ritual for your skin
        • Mix 100ml of water at 20°C and 25g powder. Shake vigorously for 5 – 10 seconds.
        • Apply the paste on the face.
        • Leave it for about 20 minutes.
        • Peel it off in one piece.
        Talc, algin, sodium carboxymethyl starch, calcium sulfate, Argania spinosa shell powder, moroccan lava clay, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, magnesium oxide, ci 77491 (iron oxides), ci 77492 (iron oxides), ci 77499 (iron oxides), parfum (fragrance), alumina, cinnamal


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